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On November 29th Irish and Chin Inc held the 10th anniversary of Reeewind, a premier vintage Reggae/Dancehall stage show and party in New York.

This year’s staging celebrated U-Roy, the founder of the legendary King Stur Gav sound system, the man widely credited for today’s Dancehall deejay culture.

The event which was conceptualized by Garfield Chin Bourne, CEO of Irish and Chin & Soundchat Radio, was a further effort in support of his mantra, now printed and available on T-Shirts;

“I’m not waiting on death to honor the legends in our culture.”

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It was a packed house that witnessed an emotional Daddy U-Roy as he is affectionately called, as he was crowned by a surprise guest Rexton Ralston Fernando Gordon, more popularly known as Shabba Ranks. Shabba elicited screams from the audience as he entered the stage with his trademark vocals shouting, “Salute, Salute...” as tears streamed down U-Roy’s face. Later on Shabba too became emotional as did several patrons in the audience.

Chin stated “Watching U-Roy being celebrated in front of a packed audience and seeing the outpouring of messages coming to me personally and across social media, is one of the most meaningful moments in my professional career.” He added “U-Roy is deserving of his glory while he is still here to enjoy it to the fullest.”

The event also saw performances from Bushman, Professor Nuts, Rory Stone Love, Johnny from Body Guard sound and David Rodigan who jetted in from the UK.

Shabba laying the crown on U-Roy

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