Potential-kiddLIME has facilitated a dialogue between dancehall artiste Potential Kidd and citizens who have vocalised their concerns about the nature of the performer's lyrics.

The move comes shortly after the company made changes to a Champs related campaign called Ah Yah So Nice which featured Potential Kidd.

In a message posted on the company's social media pages, LIME stated that after analysing the unedited version of the song, it agreed that the lyrics were unacceptable.

LIME Jamaica's Managing Director, Garry Sinclair, who informed that the company has decided to replace the artiste in the promotion also said, "What we would want is for our artistes to express themselves freely but responsibly, and we think civil society can play a big role in this regard."

Sinclair also stated that the company does not endorse or support any idea or sentiment that promotes unlawful or anti-social behaviour against any person in the society.

Kidd, who was also present at the meeting, apologised to persons who may have been offended by the lyrics and said, "I do not support violence against women or homosexuals."


Source: The Jamaica Star

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