Chuck Fenda's steps on crime with new single 'Warning,' which is gaining momentum all over the world especially in Europe, the U.S., and Africa. Produced by Notice Records on the Heart and Soul Riddim, 'Warning' encompasses the positive elements which embody conscious Reggae music. This is just one of many examples of the righteous and inspirational messages that this formidable artist constantly releases.

'Warning' attempts to address the crime and violence that is continually spreading in communities, ghettos and garrisons. The lyrics in the first verse are a rude awakening concerning the escalation of crime in recent years. "Serious times and gruesome crime, endless body mi see dem a find / Hope dem ready for dem judgement time / This is a warning a warning mi uh remind dem God nuh sleep."

Fenda explains, "I am fed up with the high crime rate in Jamaica and other parts of the world. I am also tired of seeing children being abused so I decided to address some of the same issues like I did in Gash Dem." Fenda unmistakably denounces distasteful acts of crime and violence and that such wrong doings don't go unnoticed; in other words, you shall reap what you sow.

The lyricist goes on to state that unity and education is the way forward as he sings "Unify de yutes and educate di nation / Lewwe tek a stand." But apart from this he pleads with the "people dem" to change their ways and turn a new leaf. Fenda sings with such conviction and adeptness that the lyrics resonate with you instantly.

The single is on the heels of a new album which is due to be released very soon. Fenda is also getting ready for several shows in Europe to promote the single and upcoming album. 'Warning' is a cry to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.


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