A call for peace

A call for peace

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Recently, I witnessed two sound teams allow social media and other forms of mustering to force them into a physical confrontation. The situation was a direct negative blow to the sound clash arena and showed just how damaging facebook's "Sound Clash Fraternity" can be "if" used in the wrong way.

This occurrence further highlights that the division existing among key members of the sound clash industry (both locally and internationally) will eventually hurt the sport's growth. Currently, the industry is going through a re-building stage, which now requires the arena's members to be competitive and respectful toward each other’s contributions at the same time.

With this being said, I am willing to play my part and take the necessary steps toward cultivating peace among those who I have differences within the sound clash arena. It’s a "huge" step for me because I am so used to Irish and Chin doing things on our own. Nevertheless, I am aware that I am just as guilty as the two teams that had the fight….not because I was directly involved, but because I helped send the message that it's ok to divide the arena into teams on and off the battle field.  At times you can't see the harm of your actions until it slaps you in the face... and that is exactly how I felt when I saw some of NY's key sound clash personalities failing to defuse the physical situation that transpired following the clash. Don't get me wrong, many of them, including me, tried to stop it but we ALL could not. Things went too far.

My solution is that we all need to put some of our beefs behind us and move forward. We don't need to talk about what started the beef, nor do we have to become friends. However, a respect for each other’s roles must exist.  Let it be a NEW day! What I am proposing is nothing new.   We have seen peace declared among the street culture's baddest individuals in an effort to stop the damage being caused.

The most important thing here is the growth of the clash arena. It’s not about us or our egos. This is not a call for sound clash fans to see the arena through my eyes. It's not a partnership being formed, nor should it be perceived as joining Chin's team. Let's just agree to support each other and cut out all the extra bullshit.



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| February, 28th, 2014

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