Is It Time To Change The Rules?

Is It Time To Change The Rules?

The time has come for us to re-evaluate the way how sound clash competitions are judge. If this action is not taken soon, the arena stands to lose many of its players and an overwhelmingly amount of its fans.
Currently, the method used to decide the winner of a sound clash competition is merely dependent on which sound wins ‘tune fi tune’. Such method has govern traditional dancehall for decades, however it is now causing a huge problem. In the days of old, sound clash competition was not only about who had the bigger dubs and or the better playing sounds. It was also about who could endure the fight. Therefore, the last man standing was always crowned the victor.

Being the last man standing was achieved in different formats. One format would have been, outplaying your opponent to the point where the crowd no longer want to hear their sound (a lock off). A more popular way was the grand showdown, popularly known as ‘tune fi tune’. Sounds were forced to engage in tune fi tune segment when competitions were too close to decide.

Over the years, patrons became so infatuated with tune fi tune that has time passed the segment became mandatory. The thrill was to see which sound team had the deeper and or more expensive dub plate artillery. However, in today’s clash arena the infatuation has waned. Sound teams and clash fans are now accusing the tune fi tune segment as a way to award undeserving winners. The argument is that a sound can perform unsatisfactory throughout the rounds of the competition and then win tune fi tune and still be crowned the champion. It is being argued that the true champion should be the sound team that entertained the patrons the most throughout the competition.
In fact, a new unofficial rule has emerged in which sound systems who win the majority of the rounds in a competition should not have to play tune fi tune. As a result of this, in recent times a lot of competitions have ended in controversy. In these cases, the winner of the most rounds demands victory and the sound team with the poorer performance demands a tune fi tune segment. Often times no common ground is agreed upon and fans are left to their own conclusion.

Those who vote for changing the mandatory tune fi tune rule feel that it is totally unfair to the sound team who puts their heart and soul into the competition from the beginning. They also believe that it gives extended life to some of the older sound systems bearing a treasure dub collection. It forces sounds with strong caliber dubs to feel as if they don’t have to perform in the early rounds. These sounds are said to just wait for the tune fi tune segment to unleash their powerful ammunitions.

Re-evaluating the rules that govern the sound clash arena will help to create a fair and more balanced platform for contenders. Patrons would then leave competitions with the understanding of who won. Sound teams who are awarded at each competition would gain the maximum respect for their effort. The modernization of the laws that governs the sound clash arena will undoubtedly help the sport to grow.

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| April, 28th, 2016

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