(((SOUND CLASH VIDEO))) Innocent VS Young Hawk, Albany Manor 2014

(((SOUND CLASH VIDEO))) Innocent VS Young Hawk, Albany Manor 2014

Young Hawk (NY) vs. Innocent (FL) was one of those competitions that just had to happen. Because of the skills, trash talking, and hype surrounding both teams, a demand for such a face off was unavoidable.  What is to be noted is that this clash marks the first time in many years that a true rivalry was produced by the modern day sound clash arena. As a result, Young Hawk vs. Innocent pulled a larger crowd than most expected.

Lately, all the clashes that have been labeled "rivalry," represented beefs from the past. Promoters, such as myself, simply, re-sparked long time beefs between two or more teams in an effort to give today's clash fans an understanding of what past sound clash rivalries were all about. Innocent vs. Young Hawk marks a new era for sound clashing, one that shows growth for the junior arena (the senior arena is made up of ELITE MEMBERS, who are branded globally).  If one dares to look at this clash from a growth point of view, it’s clear that the size of the audience at Innocent vs. Young Hawk is comparable to that of a past larger, multiple-sound clash.

As for my view of the overall clash, it was Young Hawk all the way. Innocent did not win one round! There were moments when Innocent got forwards (big cheers from the crowd), but for the most part, they had a really bad night to say the least. Young Hawk seemed to be far more prepared with speeches and selections. There was a point though in the second half of the clash when both teams started flopping. Neither could motivate the audience. It was as if they both ran out of dubs to play. Young Hawk never really earned those rounds (15mins and a 5min rounds) so to speak. The audience kind of gave those rounds to Young Hawk by default, since he led the whole clash up to that point. It’s not like Innocent did anything to help change their mind during these ladder, boring rounds.  And usually that's how it goes; boring rounds in which ALL sounds flopped are unconsciously awarded to the sound team that was leading before the dull period.

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Another game changing moment at this clash came just before "tune fi tune." The host asked the crowd if a tune fi tune round was needed and MOST of the crowd said NO! It was almost a first REAL "LOCK OFF" declared among this league of sound killers. In fact, the entire sound clash industry has not seen a true "LOCK OFF" in many years. Because the host couldn’t really see the voting hands, he made a call using his best judgment, permitting the clash to move into a “tune fi tune.”  Regardless, the crowd witnessed how the majority felt.

The “tune fi tune” round featured a best of 7. Young Hawk’s win of 4 songs straight officially made him the clash’s victor. Click below for highlights of the clash:  





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{avsplayer videoid=252 playerid=2 width=640 height=450 autodetect=1}



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| February, 25th, 2014


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