The battle has officially begun for the KING OF THE BRONX title! The first of what I hope to become a series of competitions in the Bronx took place on Saturday, May 14th. The clash featured the likes of Young Hawk, Blunt Posse and Stereo 5. It was a tune filled battle that crowned Stereo 5 the victor. However, does this mean Stereo 5 is the baddest team that hails from the Bronx?

Many argue that this is a fact! Stereo 5 is the best the area has to offer. Boasting that their foundation dub collections speaks for itself. Clash fans got a taste of their huge dubs during this competition which solidifies such a claim. However, should one competition be enough to decide who the real champion of the area is?

The flip side of the argument states that Stereo 5 has to clash more and win more titles in order to be KING. The two sounds Stereo 5 defeated during the KING OF THE BRONX competition are far more active than they are. Therefore, many seem to think that Stereo 5 is bearing a false title. If that is true, then who is the real king?

My stance is simple! The organizers picked the three top sounds in the Bronx to compete. I watched Stereo 5 win fair and square. No robbery took place. They earned their win. So one should not deny them of the title, KING OF THE BRONX, as this was the basis of the competition. Nevertheless, winning the title doesn't mean they are the best sound in the Bronx. It means they performed the best during the competition. To be the best not only do they have to defeat Blunt Posse and Young Hawk more than once but their stats must outweigh that of these two opponents.

Big up to Stereo 5! Nice win! Hoping to see them on the battlefield more regularly.

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| May, 16th, 2016

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