The clash is on: Nasheen vs. Matterhorn

The clash is on: Nasheen vs. Matterhorn

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A recent power move by Nasheen of Florida's Innocent sound kind of has me now thinking this was a major publicity stunt. And if so, great move by Nasheen.

By now, most, if not all Dancehall lovers know that Tony Matterhorn has been playing dress up for the cameras lately. Matterhorn’s actions have sparked a huge beef between him and Nasheen, who happens to be a longtime friend.  Nasheen simply made it publicly known that he felt Matterhorn was acting gay by wearing a wig. Many agreed and applauded Nasheen for being the first to stand up to Matterhorn by speaking his mind. So thereafter, Nasheen became the talk of the town and center of the hype. The story got soooo big that it recently landed in the Jamaica STAR newspaper.

Apparently, Nasheen has been enjoying his popularity so much that he is challenging Matterhorn to a clash during the interview. The STAR quotes the selector saying, "Tony Matterhorn, I challenge you to a clash with my Innocent Sound and we can settle this musically. If not, shut yuh big mouth and go back to making skits with wigs and low selecting life. Big up Team Innocent Sound, Fada Taylor di boss, Juxxy Fire, Dappa lee-Neely and the whole squad.”

After reading it, I got to thinking. Was Nasheen lashing out at Matterhorn for his own self gain? Or was the Matterhorn wig experience just too unbearable for him? Half of me thinks he was truly upset at Matterhorn's actions. However, all of me feels that he quickly realized the coverage the beef was getting and allowed it to work in his favor.  I thought he was dumb, but this dude is very smart. He built a hype out of a fucking wig. Taking on Matterhorn instantly increased Nasheen's visibility and inspired people to find out more about him. Once they found out that he was a selector of merit, they further embraced his rant of dislike for Matterhorn’s actions. Since he gained momentum, the next logical step for Nasheen was to package and market his conflict with Matterhorn.
If Matterhorn accepts Nasheen's clash, Matterhorn better be ready. If not, Nasheen will mark the official decline of Matterhorn's career. Many people have been saying Matterhorn is not what he used to be and losing to Nasheen will prove that for sure. If Matterhorn loses, smfh, Dancehall fans will begin to doubt his proclaimed billing as "the greatest of all time." Matterhorn’s feet are now in his and mouth at the same time. If Matterhorn backs down from the clash, Nasheen will look like a selector that Matterhorn is afraid of. This one is sticky! Nasheen has checkmated Matterhorn!

I am hoping Matterhorn doesn't start the whole "Mi name Matterhorn the biggest thing since God" foolishness and just clash the yute.   It would be great for everyone. Clash fans would get some excitement, and both Matterhorn and Nasheen would gain a nice hype. You never know, this could turn into a series of clashes like Matterhorn vs Links. In fact, things could get bigger than that! Nasheen’s team captain is Bounty Killa, so to counteract, Matterhorn should become allies with Mavado!!!! Maddddddd!! Yoooo, do you all remember when Ricky Trooper took a stand against Bounty Killa and slaughtered King Addies with Beenie Man? Well, it's the same concept.

This could be the start of something big!  My money is on Matterhorn though! He's an asshole and a half, but wi a come from far.. I can't forget that!   

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| February, 6th, 2014


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