Women Are Welcome If...

Women Are Welcome If...

I had a wonderful conversation with some die-hearted clash fans regarding the possibility of female selectors becoming equal entities in sound system culture. I champion the cause however my stance may differ from others on the issue.

Females should be welcome open-heartedly but they should not be given any preference in regards to their performance because of their gender. Their talents "MUST" be judged by the same standard in which we use to judge the males. ONE STANDARD regardless of gender! I am not in favor of having both a female and male sound system league. Gender exceptions will divide the expectations of fans and could work against females who are truly talented. With that being said, all female selectors who seek stardom must be able to entertain at the same level as their male counterparts.

Women have to fight for their equality in sound system culture. It will not be something that is just given to them. Take Lady Saw for example, she rose to fame because she was always willing to put in just as much work as her male peers and always ready to deliver performances that measured up to the leading male artiste in the industry.

The industry will excel with the addition of female selectors who know how to properly mix, deliver good speeches and perform like their male peers. The road in which they chose to travel would determine the size of the dub plate catalog needed to be successful. If a female ambition is to become a great clash selector then they must invest in having the high caliber dubs needed to satisfy the expectations of clash fans. It should never be a case where female selectors get away with playing mediocre dubs just because they are women. Mediocrity is something that has always been frowned upon, therefore no exceptions should be made.

Over the years we have seen a few female selectors who have exhibited great potential and if given the right opportunity they could excel. Nevertheless, to conquer a male dominated sport is not an easy challenge. My advice would be don’t take on the challenge if you are not willing to do what it takes to beat the men at their game.

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| June, 9th, 2016

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