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Mighty Crown Unleashes Fiery UK Dubplate Mix - ***Download Now***

Although Mighty Crown did not clash in this year's UK Cup Clash, in ode to the epic clash and their U.K. fans, "The Far East Rulers" have released a fiery UK dubplate mix! For the first time ever, you get to hear huge…

Chin Loses Bet to Seanie B at UK Cup Clash (Watch Him Pay Up)

Seanie B of the UK interviewed Chin backstage at UK Cup Clash. During the interview Chin placed a bet with Seanie B that Brooklyn's, King Addies will go further in the clash than Metro Media. Both men placed their bets…

King Addies Moving in A Different Direction

Brooklyn's Champion sound killers, King Addies are currently riding high. After a number of solid clash sound performances "The King Sound" is set to hit their home town in a big way with a huge live performance from dancehall star,…

Is Squingy the Bob Marley of the Clash Arena?

It's been many years since the sound clash arena loss Squingy, one of it's top sound killers. Since his death many clash fans seem to feel that his absence has left a void in the art of sound clashing. After…

Kosmik Makes Statement, Which Supports Chin's Theory

I came across an interview with Brooklyn's young sound killers Kosmik. The interview was mainly about a clash they have coming up in Europe, however it touched on other aspects of their career. One point was most interesting to me.…

Tradition vs Profit: One Selector / MC Playing Two Sounds

A recent Sound Chat show (April 7th) brought forth a shocking reality among today's sound system business structure one that defuse the traditional meaning of a "Sound Team". Brooklyn's Soul Supreme was my guest in studio. They stop in to…

SOUND CHAT TV: Chin Interviews Pinchers *** WATCH VIDEO***

This was truly one of those interviews that I look forward to. When I started listening to dancehall full time, Pinchers was among the top five artist ruling dancehall.  I was very familiar with his recording catalogue and was eager…

This Audio Will Tell If Irish and Chin Dissed Young Sounds ****LISTEN****

As a result of one of Mondays sound chat topics, it is now being said that Irish and Chin does not rate young sounds. This accusation is definitely not a new one, it is one that has always lingered among…

Monday’s Sound Chat Show Was Not a Camouflage Victory Party

  A member of Camouflage sound sat through a 4-hour Sound Chat show yesterday (March 24th) and posted on facebook after leaving that he felt disrespected.  This is a very unfortunate situation because my intent was not to disrespect anyone!…

(((VIDEO))) Sound Fi Dead 2014

Sound Clashing is definitely back and New York is 'ground zero' watch the latest event SOUND FI DEAD 2014....where the legendary clash selector Pink Pantha made his solo debut... PART 1 {avsplayer videoid=275 playerid=2 width=640 height=450 autodetect=1}      …

(((VIDEO))) Jahman Nuclear sound- UK CUP CLASH

Jahman Nuclear is sounding very confident for the upcoming UK CUP CLASH this video...   {avsplayer videoid=271 playerid=2 width=640 height=450 autodetect=1}        

VIDEO: Little Sample- "Putting the Dinosaurs to Rest...LOOK OUT"

Little Sample says they "are not underestimating anyone" - UK CUP CLASH 2014.     {avsplayer videoid=267 playerid=2 width=640 height=450 autodetect=1}

VIDEO: Heavy Hammer says all 6 sounds ago dead- UK CUP CLASH 2014

UK CUP CLASH war of words is heating up listen as Italy's Heavy Hammer warns all contenders...   {avsplayer videoid=266 playerid=2 width=640 height=450 autodetect=1}

VIDEO: Fire Links speaks on UK CUP CLASH 2014

Fire Links apologises to his loyal clash fans regarding his recent performance at World Clash... he also signals a change in his selector for the upcoming UK CUP CLASH and speaks on a much touted rivalry between himself and Bass…
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