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The cure for the sound clash crisis

When comparing today’s sound clash arena to the good old days, one might argue that today’s arena lacks excitement and patronage.  Such assumption cannot be argued, however the arena’s current situation stems from many factors.  Among all the factors, the…

Reggae Geel Belgium 2015 very much like Reewind [VID]

The Belgium concert held on August 1 was certainly entertaining, especially the retro segment featuring Brigadier Jerry, Super Cat and Josey Wales. Of course Irish and Chin's Reewind is of a similar concept but leans toward the old school dancehall…

The 2014 'welcome to jamrock cruise' arguably belonged to mighty crown

All the sounds on the 2014 Welcome To Jamrock Cruise were certainly entertaining but, Mighty Crown was an intrigue. They delivered a well scripted performance that was flawless and captivating. Dancehall sound DJs are very much performers and artists and…

Do you think DJ Dre Skull's 'Blacklight Riddim' is worthy of dancehall praise? [AUDIO PLAYLIST]

The Jamaica Observer published a long winded article about American DJ Dre Skull and his life and times in the music industry, specifically Reggae dancehall, with some focus on his latest production of a dancehall album that features Popcaan, Konshens,…

Take the remix challenge and do your best with this song by 2NE1 [AUDIO]

Since Red Bull got into the soundclash business, DJs from around the globe have produced some great crossover mixes using a dancehall Reggae beat to add swag and it works well among the modern youth. It is working very profitably…

nasheen fire wants to know, are hosts still needed at clashes?

Is it really necessary to have hosts at sound clashes? This is a question that has sparked a huge ongoing debate among the members of my Soundchat whatsapp group. One can only imagine the aggressive exchange of views centered on…

Shinehead scolds foundation sounds for the use of cds

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to dancehall great, Shinehead. A man who has paid his dues as a singer and dj during the reggae industry's golden rub a dub era. The conversation highlighted great moments in his career,…

ricky trooper asked, will today selectors be as popular as those in the past?

Recently Ricky Trooper asked the soundchat whatsapp forum a very interesting question.  The question was, will today’s sound system personalities and selectors become as popular as those in the past?  He used the successful careers of colleagues such as Tony…

Veteran artist Shine Head responds to Chin statement that veteran artists need to get back in studio and voice

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video: brooklyn massacre

Sound Chat cameras was in the building for the last staging of Andrew Digital's Brooklyn Massacre. Big up to all the sound systems that competed. When the smoke cleared the final Brooklyn massacre trophy was awarded to Young Hawk from…

no more tarrus riley dubs!!!!

Recently, the sound clash arena was shocked by a video done by Tarrus Riley in which he explains that he will no longer be recording dub plates for soundmen.  Since the release of the video clash fans and soundmen alike…



who sung over 'Thinking Out Loud' better Lukie D - Nowa Powa - Terry Linen

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should vybz kartel be nominated for jamaica star awards

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