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soca vs dancehall

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Sound Fi Dead 2015 was one of the most controversial competitions that have taken place in a very long time.  The event was full of surprises, twist and turns and also had its share of disappointment.  Some of the sounds…

should rodigan be considered a soundclash icon?

Recently, we had a huge discussion on Soundchat radio regarding the rank of radio/dancehall selector and legend David Rodigan. Among the questions asked were, Is he underrated in the soundclash arena? Should he be looked at as one of the…

ricky trooper and chin long going rivalry ended? why?

Last week Ricky Trooper made his official sound chat debut on Monday Sound Chat. His show was highly embraced by sound chat fans and showed promise in Ricky Trooper and Irish and Chin seizing their ongoing rivalry. The seize fire…

Morgan Heritage: what does reggae mean to you?

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LP vs Young Hawk [VIDEO]

A highly anticipated clash took place recently in Brooklyn NY. The results of the clash continues to fuel the question, which sound should be considered the leading sound in New York. This event saw the likes of Brooklyn's Legend LP…

does speed juggling kill the vibe in a dance?


who would win a garnet silk sound alike contest? Terry Linen or Ras Shiloh


who is the better vocalist, romain virgo or christopher martin ?

Sound Chat radio asked: Romain Virgo or Christopher Martin, who is the better vocalist?   Listen what the callers had to say  {nmap}normal|200|150|images/audio/soundchatradio/Hottopics/CHRISVSVIRGO|||a||{/nmap}

how do think reggae would have evolved if bob marley was still alive?

On sound chat radio we recently asked the question would today’s reggae music have been different if the King of Reggae, Bob Marley was alive?  Listen as fans from all over the world called in to give their opinion. {nmap}normal|200|150|images/audio/soundchatradio/Hottopics/BOBMARLEYALIVE|||a||{/nmap}

iba mahr defines reggae

In celebration of Reggae Month Sound Chat radio caught up with Iba Mahr and asked him with does reggae means to him click below and listen to what Iba Mahr had to say {nmap}normal|200|150|images/audio/soundchatradio/Hottopics/IBAMAHRREGGAEMONTH2015|||a||{/nmap}  

inner circle explains what reggae means to them

Sound Chat radio asked Inner Circle: What does reggae mean to you?  Listen as they explain the meaning of reggae. {nmap}normal|200|150|images/audio/soundchatradio/Hottopics/INNERCIRCLEREGGAEMONTH2015|||a||{/nmap}  


Recently I addressed an issue on Sound Chat Radio, which may not have went over well with some sound owners and selectors. However, the industry is facing a huge problem, which can only be corrected if all members including myself…

do you feel dennis brown is respected as prince of reggae

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