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does mavado have what it take to run jamaica?


Hot Topic: sizzla's stance against homosexuality does it hurt his career?

  The debate on sound chat radio was an intense one as callers debated on whether or not reggae superstar Sizzla Kalonji was hurting his career with his stance against homosexuality. In a recent interview at Rebel Salute Sizzla voiced…

FULL VIDEO: Young Hawk vs Soul Supreme Clash

Irish and Chin was front and center at the controversial Young Hawk vs. Soul Supreme clash, which went down in New York onJanuary 17, 2015. Watch the intense competition for yourself and find out exactly why clash fans are still…

Chronixx Dub: Real or Fake

A great deal of controversy has started around the fact that Young Hawk played a Chronixx dub dissing Soul Supreme. In any other sitution this would have been a common action of a sound clash sound. However, in this case…

tune fi tune should or should not be mandatory [ audio ]

Recently on sound chat radio we discussed whether one or two dubs can save and/ or kill a sound in a sound clash. The reviews from clash fans were mixed. Some feel that clashes should be judged by overall performances…

can two dubs kill a sound? **watch video**

  Recently, I attended a very interesting sound clash competition involving Young Hawk from the Bronx and Brooklyn's Soul Supreme. The event was a one on one face off which, would prove one of the following things; either Young Hawk's…

*listen* young hawk full of bravery, can they pull off back to back wins

Young Hawk is proving to be an unbelievable force to reckon with. Within the last 2 years the Bronx sound has moved up in rank by becoming the most active sound in the US arena.  Many will try their best…

brooklyn is killing soul supreme

Brooklyn's foundation sound Soul Supreme seems to have stumbled upon the perfect formula to re- buss their dub ready sound. In the past, Soul Supreme has found it very difficult to escape the bias booos of their home town haters.…

time to erase the playback rule

Believe it or not, the time has come for clash fans to consider abolishing some of the clash arena's traditional rules. Over the years, the sport has attracted new players and is struggling to appeal to a more diverse audience.…

small axe falls big tree in canada

Canada's sound clash culture seems to be on the rise once again. As of late, Canada has played host to quite a few good clashes. The latest clash being Canada's "World Champion", Rebel Tone vs King Turbo (one of the…

debate: who is the better stage performer, sizzla or capleton


uk dancehall fraternity crying out for the support to save the dancehall


fire links defeat richie feelings and wins one million dollars

Top selector Fire Links and his Fire Squad took home a JM$1,000,000 after winning a soundclash tournament in Jamaica. The competition which was well attended and publicized, saw Fire Links defeat top teams and selectors such as Bass Odyssey and…

should artists give a courtesy call before singing over another artist song

{nmap}normal|200|50|images/audio/soundchatradio/interviews/singoverhottopic|||a||{/nmap} Chin discussed a brief conversation he had with a veteran artist. During his conversation the artist mentioned not being happy about artists not giving him credit for his song when they sing it over. This caused a huge debate…
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