Iwayne, "too much filthy music."

While being pleased with his recent album release "Life teachings" Reggae singer Iwayne says "too much filthy music" is being played, and that too many in the industry are endorsing this. He also hinted at the 'pay to play' culture that exists.

iwayneHe commented further, "Di ones just decide say a freak dem a promote, probably me no have enough money as the filthy one dem dats why me a get a fight, time will tell still." He said he was  also sick of hearing artistes sing and deejay about car rims and tyres. He challnged the industry to play more righteous music in order to prove that they are being fair.

The singer who had a major hit with "Can't satisfy her" says he is still on the road recording, performing and giving out cds.

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Read 717 times July, 9th, 2012
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