staciousnakedTell me I am seeing double!!  This can't be happening. Stacious is nude is the studio recording music!  WHY?   I am convinced now that female artist have it rough.  If this is what has to be done for a female artist to gain a little  hype around a project, music "mash up."  

Reports say that the photo has been floating around for some time now.  At one point, it was said to be the status photo on Stacious' blackberry.. When ask why naked.. Stacious said she simply wanted to place herself in the vibe of the song she was recording. Bwoy... That must be some song!  I wonder if female dancehall fans will strip off their clothes when hearing it!  One thing is for sure, Jamaica loves hype and fuckery.  So this photo may just "buss" her new song.  

Nevertheless, what are your views? Is this a stunt to grab the media..or an artist just getting into the vibe of her project?

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