No-longer-freeThe latest conversation/questions among some clash fans are... "Why has Chin turned Sound Chat Radio into a program which speaks of all things NOT relevant to the sport of sound clashing?" Why is the show not geared toward sounds, selectors, sound clashing, and upcoming events!?  These are two great questions, but I am not sure that clash promoters will like response.

 I must start by saying, I regret what has happened here!  Clash fans are feeling that we NO longer share their interest and that's far from the truth!   These questions may sound simple to some, but the situation is rather complex and depends on how it's being viewed. The fact is... Irish and Chin will always stand behind sound clash culture.  The Sound Chat radio program was built from an undying passion to see continued growth of the sound system arena. It's key objective was to highlight the efforts and actions of everything sound system related. In doing so, innocently, we fell into a path of giving promoters extensive free promotions for their upcoming events. This ultimately granted them a Sound Chat endorsement, one of great value when trying to attract patrons.

It got to a point where promoters felt that Sound Chat was obligated to promote their events for free and became disgruntled when it wasn't done. Plain and simple, if there was a big clash event coming up and Sound Chat did not talk about it, the promoters viewed it as a disrespect.  This can only be translated one way: some promoters feel that Irish and Chin must use their resources, brand and influence to make their event a success, free of charge. Sad thing is, promoters would be willing to pay another media outlet with no targeted clash audience.

 After analyzing the situation, the Irish and Chin team decided to take the approach of only providing post-clash coverage on Sound Chat radio, furthermore deciding to diversify programming by including more content related to Reggae Dancehall music and culture.  To date, this revamped programming has been a hit, scoring the program new radio partners in several key U.S. markets and the U.K.

We truly appreciate our sound clash supporters and loyal Sound Chat listeners.  Moving forward, as a result of fans feeling cheated by the current programming, we will create a better balance between sound system related discussions and Reggae Dancehall topics.

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