Herein lies 'pet lovers' double standard



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Herein lies 'pet lovers' double standard

A pricy leather chair torn up by a household pet and the photographer thought it was so cute, that it is worth placing a fine woman like actress Tika Sumpter of "The Haves and The Have Nots" TV series by Tyler Perry, in it for a photo moment. If the chair was damaged by a child of the household, a penalty would surely be dealt.

If I spent $3,000 on a leather sofa set and the pet dog shredded it, that dog would be packaged and shipped to one of those countries where dogs are served for dinner!

Do household pet OWNERS go shopping for furniture thinking, 'this looks like a nice piece for Fido to fuck up'? Household pets are like pests in a house and a very costly pest too. They do nothing productive and are an unnecessary expense, especially for poor folks who just want to be like the goddamn Jones'.

Pet owners say dumb shit like 'shes so human like' but then turn around and say more nonsense like 'I wish humans were more like pets'. WTF! Just confused dumbass shit! What it really is about is absolute control of another life, and the intelligence of a human does not permit that, so pet lovers seek a dumb animal on which they can unleash their obsession of life ownership. A concept which they have defined as "love".

Pets are always tethered to their OWNERS, something which the law does not allow for humans. Doesn't that indicate maximum control? In earlier times when man considered a dog his best friend, the man was dependent on the dog to do work! The dog chased and retrieved the prey, defended the camp or pulled the damn sled through the snow. That is a worthy animal.

These fakeass cross bred mongrels were developed for the fucking elites to control, and the idiot poor who wanted to be like elites started housing pets. Then the elites thought, "wow these idiots are in the millions, lets open a store to sell them stupid shit and we'll call it 'petsmart' just to confuse them. They won't know if we mean pets are smart or pets mart". In 2013 the pet industry revenue was $55 billion and is expected to increase to $71 billion by the end of 2014.

And still, kids are starving!

What a double standard!

Here's an unrelated gallery of the sexy Tika Sumpter


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| August, 4th, 2015

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