Should Lady Saw the christian give away her 'sinfully' acquired wealth?

Should Lady Saw the christian give away her 'sinfully' acquired wealth?

The reborn Lady Saw, now Minister Marion Hall, said her dancehall career was "working for the devil!" If you believe that then clearly the 'devil' pays well, as her bank account shows.

Now that she is "working for god" as she said, shouldn't 'god' reject her 'devil' acquired gifts and instruct her to get rid of it (matthew 19 v24)? Isn't it a double standard that she defines the 'devil' as bad yet want to keep the 'bad' money she received?

It's like Kelvin Mcree who declared that he sold cocaine to pro baseball player Darryl Strawberry, and many kids in the 1990s, then later became an ordained minister, but kept the houses, cars and money that he made from drug sales. He claims it was 'god's' way of giving him wealth to now use it for 'his' ministry, from which he is now raking in shit loads of money. Is that also Saw's claim?

Do you think Lady Saw should give away her 'devil' acquired wealth? Post Your Comment

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| January, 14th, 2016

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