The cult of religion has many weak minds subject to all kinds of fetish abuse

The cult of religion has many weak minds subject to all kinds of fetish abuse


The catholic church approved slavery in the 1300s and instituted the subjugation of women, claiming that women were made only for the pleasure and servitude of men, so it is no surprise that in catholic churches across the third world, there is continued inhuman abuse.

While the caths are constantly in the media for their evil religious concepts, they are not alone, they are just the most popular and powerful so any negative report regarding them is profitable news. All religion, yes every goddamn one is only a cult! Made up by a man! A man who has a fetish for control of humanity and greed for everything of value. Men created unseen gods then created rules which they claimed they received from the god they created, (most famously the ten commandments).

The mass tragedy at Jones Town in Guyana in 1978 is just one of many cases of ignorance flocking to a mad man claiming to be from a god. He targeted the poor and mainly illiterate, and discouraged reading and contact with the 'outside sinful world'. What should have been a clear indicator that it was just a crazy cult, was that he named the place off himself! People are just too gullible and always it's the children who suffer because they know no better and are subject to their dumb parents' guidance.


Over 900 people died in a single day by drinking a poisoned mix of cyanide and kool aid, hence the phrase today that says 'don't drink the kool aid' when referencing bullshit from some one. Those people believed entirely and yet a 'merciful god' never stepped in to remove the preacher and spare the people. Of course christians will provide a reason for the absence of a god. They will claim that it was the people's fault, that if they were truly of god, they would not have followed crazy Jim Jones. And that is just sensational and dumb fucking rhetoric! Belief kills and cures, and those people were believing for a cure of their miserable lives. The Indian population in Guyana at the time had their own religion so none were caught up in the lie that led to death. Only the easily misled Africans followed the rubbish, and the same is true today. Just show them a white male and throw in the word 'god'.


It is time to let go of the nonsense that has held the world's progress down for thousands of years and kept black folks ignorant, enslaved and dependent. If you are an ardent believer in an unseen god, state your reason, and not the usual about 'receiving money' or 'life saved from death', because there is no point of a god saving your life in a car crash, just to kill you later in the most painful way by cancer. And if the only way to heaven is death, why the fuck would you resist death? Maybe Jim Jones was right and he and all the folks who died at jones town are in 'heaven'! Prove otherwise and you will receive $1,274,657 and a new Maybach!

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| February, 2nd, 2016

The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code of ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to 1754 BC. It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length in the world. The code consists of 282 laws, with scaled punishments, adjusting "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"


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