What is the meaning of Matthew 19:24?

What is the meaning of Matthew 19:24?

Matthew 19 verse 24

"Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

One key factor that made the Jews mad at this dude called Jesus is his constant badgering and berating of the rich. Jews love their wealth and to declare wealth as a scourge to humanity is grounds for removal from their society.

How do preachers feel about this scripture? Are preachers mad at Jesus or has it been explained away in order to facilitate their quest for wealth?

In my church attending years, the elders told me to take the scriptures literally, as a child would. To me, the verse clearly says there is no possible way for the rich to get to heaven. Unless in biblical times needles were as big as houses and the eye was just big enough that a camel could possibly go through. Jesus was simply laying on the sarcasm to make a point.

It seems that church leaders' primary goal is to make as much money as possible before leaving earth. Especially those who have established global fame. They continually take in hundreds of millions annually from followers, who are mostly in debt and hoping that a god will recognize their devotion and help them rise above poverty. Why do church leaders live in wealth if Jesus, the man they claim is the 'son of god', all righteous and lived a life of absolute poverty, says they cannot go to heaven when wealthy? A damn double standard indeed.

To me there are two possible reasons

  1. Jesus was misguided and just envied the rich so he made up rules to scare them into giving up their wealth.
  2. There is no god or heaven and these greedy money grabbing preachers have long realized that fact and just raking in the dough from suckers, so they have no fear or concern about making it to a fictitious heaven.

I once had this discussion with a pastor and he tried to convince me that jesus was wealthy because his 'dad', Joseph, was a carpenter and carpenters were rich during those days. I later learned that it was a bag of BS. Land owners, farmers and tax collectors were where the wealth laid and when it came to buildings, stone masons were the big dons. Carpenters were lowly and under paid.

It appears church leaders interpret the bible as it suits their desires and vices. Some declare that it is OK to have many wives and women for casual sex because 'god' allowed David and Solomon to do so. Now it is even OK for homosexuality because someone has found that 'god' is cool with it. Others determine that 'god' commanded them to kill people who disagree with their beliefs (aka Spanish Inquisition), though the very first of the 'ten commandments' states 'do not kill'.

What is the absolute truth? Is there any truth to the whole bible? Can a rich man go to heaven?

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| August, 3rd, 2015

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