Andrea "Delcita" Wright is once again ready to command the stage in her new production, "Court House Drama", written by her stage writer, Paul O. Beale.

Based on true events, Court House Drama seriously looks at the hundreds of Jamaican children with learning disabilities who are being left behind by an inadequate education system. Delcita is even more colourful with her learning difficulty. She is frustrated that the government has decided to use her as an experiment in a pilot 'slow learners' programme. She must be the longest running high school attendee in Jamaica. Miss Coldwater has been in the 'Jamaica High School' since 2002 and is often called 'School Mumma'. She would prefer to join Jamaica's labour force and earn wages - Anything but school! Things become more interesting in this uproarious and original comedy as for the first time we will be introduced to Delcita's father Mass Zacky, played by the energetic Patrick Smith.

Court House Drama hits hard when Delcita's favourite teacher Pamella (Sherene Davis) experiences serious relationship issues with her "hot chocolate" tutor Diamond Francis (Dennis Titus). Delcita finds herself explaining basic life skills to her teacher – The blind and the dumb! So...Will Delcita finally graduate from high school? Is taking the government to court over her educational plight far too ambitious? Can the Naïve teacher defend her maternal situation in front of the Judge (Donald Thompson)? Will Delcita re-write Child Support laws? Court House Drama rules on many issues.

Last season, at the end of her sold out tour in Canada, Delcita heeded the wishes of her fans and decided it was time to find new management and offer more wholesome yet comedic productions. The major goal of Court House Drama is to expose Jamaicans to Learning disabilities and difficulties and skillfully show how such conditions affect children and adults; Expose the population to support that can be accessed through government agencies; enhanced support through sharpened community and parenting skills; Comfort those who are affected and equip adults with coping strategies. Court House drama is highly anticipated and is brought to you by Big Stage Entertainment.

Features: Andrea 'Delcita' Wright, Dennis Titus, Donald Thompson, Patrick Smith, Margaret Wilson and introducing, Sherene Davis.

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