Turnkey Website System For Income

The most valuable aspect of a website -- is content! An end user does not give a damn about all that over bearing graphic design. They just want the content value. We have created ready-to-go website with sensational and timeless content!

Get a website that is already loaded with real content which can immediately be shared at social media and grow traffic. The site can serve as a web magazine which serves a niche market, and with popularity, earn revenue from advertising or paid member subscriptions.

If you just want to place your business online, the preloaded content still serves well to bring in social media audience.

Get started today for just the annual web hosting fee of $83.40 ($6.95/m)

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  • 12 months website hosting with unlimited data and unlimited email accounts
  • Website loaded with hundreds of real and timeless content
  • Multiple revenue generation extensions including
    • Shopping cart to sell anything such as file download, music download, pay-per-view video stream, clothing, event tickets and much more.
    • Advertising banner manager with client billing for impressions and clicks
    • Paid member system with auto billing at set period, notification and banning.
  • Video player
  • Audio player for local files or internet radio streaming
  • Live chat room
  • Image gallery manager
  • Multi-theme template to allow easy style and layout change.


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