Rumble Series 2015

Rumble Series 2015

About The Rumble Series

The Rumble Series is a sound clash league created and promoted by Irish and Chin Inc. Its purpose is to ensure that young talented sound teams are awarded for their efforts through means of competing in annual national competitions, referred to as Rumbles. Sound teams are considered for participation based on their popularity, local activity and their ability to entertain among other criteria. Please note dormant sounds will not be considered.The Rumble Series is designed to enhance the sound clash arena by crowning multiple champions annually, thereby allowing for each territory to identify their most worthy World Clash contender. The benefits of becoming a Rumble champion are extensive media coverage, locally and globally, attracting new fan bases and of course earning your World Clash spot. Additionally, even if the holder of a Rumble title does not win at World Clash all is not lost. This is because they are guaranteed a slot to defend their national Rumble title the following year. Join us as we usher in the "Rise of New Champions!"

Canada Rumble - The Road To World Clash 2016

canada rumble 2015Ricky Turbo With Trophy

Canada Rumble 2016 opened the door for Canadian sounds to once again be represented on the World Clash stage. The event consisted of 7 of the country's most qualified sound killers all armed with the intention to make it to World Clash 2016. King Turbo, the winner of the event, crossed the finish line and now bares the pressure of gaining global respect for their nation's sound clash arena. Keep in mind, Canada has only won the event once, which was in 2002, and since then they made two more attempts to win the coveted title but failed to make top 3 on both occasions. Never the less, Canadians are confident that King Turbo will leave a good impression.



  • Out Cast Sound
  • Don Rankin
  • Klymaxx
  • Brimestone Gold
  • Little Thunder
  • Step A Choice



US Rumble - The Road To World Clash 2016

innocent with cup Innocent Sound Were The Winners


US Rumble was the birth of the Rumble Series which surpassed everyone's expectations. The event featured 7 sound systems from across the US armed with years of experience and heavy dub plate artillery. The contenders who were no strangers to each other, shared their sound clash rivalries with a massive audience. When the smoke cleared Florida's Innocent Sound reigned victorious. Witty speeches and a lethal combination of 45s and dub plate selections earned them a unanimous win. In the past American sounds have made it to the final round but never sealing the final deal, therefore Innocent clinching the 2016 championship would not only be victory, but also creating history.



  • King Fargo - New York
  • Love People - Virginia 
  • Broken Silence - California
  • King Shines - New Jersey
  • Black Hustler - Connecticut
  • Nexxt Level - New York




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